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what happens at a class

What happens at our fertility yoga classes?

The classes are combination of simple yoga practices, yogic breathing and relaxation techniques designed to restore hormonal balance, reduce stress and enhance conception. So we incorporate several mind/body techniques into the class, and I introduce new techniques each week - not every technique is right for every person so I aim to provide you with as many as I can to help you find which one works best for you.  (For more information on mind/body techniques and their importance see the Fertility Yoga page.)

The classes are suitable for all ladies trying to conceive, whether you are trying to conceive naturally or going through assisted reproduction procedures.

The classes begin with a short exercise to focus the mind on the present moment, bringing attention and awareness to the body. This is followed by yogic breathing exercises  - we practice these in class as they help to trigger the relaxation response, calming the body and mind. We move on to some gentle relaxed stretching.  At this point ladies who are menstruating, undergoing treatments, on their 2 week wait, or finding themselves in the early stages of pregnancy will lie down, under a cosy blanket, and will continue to focus on the breath. (The classes are therefore suitable for those undergoing IVF etc.) During this time, the rest of the class will be particpating in non strenuous, fertility specific yoga postures. The whole group will then enjoy a closing guided relaxation. The class will leave you feeling warm, relaxed, and calm.
The movements are very gentle and are adapted to your ability and situation.

When you book a block of classes you will receive a recording of some relaxation and breathing exercises and also a handout of physical postures so that you can keep up your practice at home between classes.
Classes will be kept small to ensure individual attention, all equipment is provided by me, unless you have your own and would prefer to use it.

Don't worry if you've never done yoga before, a lot of the ladies in the class will be doing yoga for the first time.

We are always very respectful of each other's fertility journey and their privacy.

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